Asang & Darshi

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December 08, 2020

We Are Getting Married
Asang & Darshi

A Marriage destined to be arranged!

“Its quite funny the first time we met, because we hardly spoke to each other..! He was speaking to my brother and I with his sister..  and so we had to stage another date to actually talk to each other! Haha..I remember finding a common love for good coffee in the first meeting and him desperately trying to be into art in the second..! 



His maturity, dedication and calmness was what I noticed the most. I wanted someone who would always stand by me.. in good and bad and somehow i trusted him instantly on that! 

We wish to grow together.. travel together.. build a life together..Marriage is just the beginning !”





The functions are held on 7th and 8th of December 2020.


The stay, events and airport transfers are managed by W Hotel, Goa

Event Itinerary

A schedule for two days has been prepared so that you come prepared!

What to Wear

The best outfits are the ones you are comfortable in. 


The times today have changed, and the Pandemic is to stay. Our life ahead is to live with the changes and make the best of it.
We have tried our best to make the stay safe and enjoyable.

In that very moment, the whole universe conspired to bring us together...

Please fill in the details and send your RSVPs at the earliest. We would request you to give your travel details and we will get in touch with you 

We are here to cater to any food related or special requests that you might have during your stay there. Please fill in the form to let us know better.

A sneak - peek into our celebrations so far...

We would love for you to join in our happiness...


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The Ceremony

Warm Regards,
Rajen Zaveri & Rajesh Shah Family